Drinking Wine and Getting Paid

As you may know, I’ve spent the last four years of my life driving an 18-wheeler. I recently came off the road to focus on more important things like my health, my love life, and drinking more wine.

Going to drive truck is an excellent way to reduce living expenses because you can live on the truck, therefore you have no rent or utilities to pay. Eating out can really cost you, but I managed to keep my restaurants and groceries under $500 every month (my largest expense). I put all my household items in a storage ($90/mo) and I had a cell phone ($150/mo.) Low maintenance.

I was able to pay off some debt living this way and was just getting where I could start saving money. But man, while the time I had on the road was interesting and at times, a lot of fun, it’ll wear ya plumb smooth out. I got really tired of eating at the same fast food restaurant, dealing with every man in the trucking world hitting on me, having to walk a mile to get a shower, and never being home. trust me, I became very distant with my friends and family and my social life was zero.

I had started a side hustle last year to keep me busy during my home time (four days out of the month). And now I guess I’m kind of doing it full time. I really wish I could get the ball rolling and really get it going. My goal is to recruit two people by October so I can promote.

If you love drinking wine and getting paid for it and maybe you’d like to earn a few hundred extra every month before Christmas, holler at me: http://www.myttv.com/texaswinegypsy

PS, Did I mention you get a pretty cool discount on all the wine whether you’re selling or not!?! Yeah… this is my dream job!


Where Did All the Money Go?


Ever looked at your bank account and said: “WTF?” It’s easy to blow through a whole paycheck. You pay the bills, get some gas, groceries and few necessities, and then… BAM!! Gone.

I used to do that all the time until I started tracking ever little receipt. Thank goodness my current bank added a helpful little tool to categorize all my spending habits so I can track them more carefully. Seriously. Stop using cash (or do it old school and track every single receipt) and you’ll be amazed at where your money goes… like all that alcohol you drink! lol No judgements!

Theme of the year: THRIVE!


While everyone else was having a crummy year, my 2016 was better than any year before. It was the first year in a very long time that I paid all of my bills on time and in full. It was the first year I didn’t have to take off for being sick or too stressed out to think about work. It was the first year I actually contributed to a 401K and had additional money in a savings account. I didn’t have to choose between which bill I was going to pay and which was going to have to wait ‘til next month. I went to the doctor without worrying if I was going to be able to afford it or if I would have to forgo my medications for the month, because I was able to pay for all of it. I was able to start a couple side hustles with some extra money. (How many times have you ever heard that? Extra money? What’s that?)

I was able.

I have thoroughly impressed myself this year. I never thought I would be able to dig myself out of the never ending rut I was in. Even though I didn’t save up quite what I hoped, I still saved. Even though I didn’t earn what I’m worth, I still kept a job.

Some weeks were better than others, but I knew I could survive. I knew I could make it to my next paycheck and still be able to eat for the week. I was able to do more than just survive this year – I thrived.

All I did was work my ass off and finally it paid off. I lived below my means and still made it. I can’t believe it!

2016 has been the best year, financially, ever! Now, if I could make 2017 the year of love, that’d be great…