Learn a new skill


Sometimes, when we are struggling, it’s because we’ve become stagnant. Maybe you have to step out of your comfort zone and do something new. If you had to learn a new skill to get over your hump, what would it be?


Mine would be learning Spanish.


Gym time

Today’s blog comes to you from the over-crowded weekend workout facility. You may be asking yourself, “How can you afford a gym membership, you’re a Broke Bitch?” Well, let me share with you one key to survival if you suddenly find yourself homeless: the gym- it’s a gem.

Luckily, one smart thing I did when I first moved to the bestest city on the planet a few months ago, was that I actually had money to rent a very nice room in a very nice suburb that happened to have it’s own little rec center. Gym membership: $15! So I took some money that I had coming in form my gofundme.com fund (http://www.gofundme.com/4lr5nc) and renewed my membership even though I don’t live in that community anymore (they won’t know since I already had a membership when I did actually live there.)

For $15 for one month, I have access to weight machines, cardio equipment, the pool and, yes, public showers. 

Now, typically, I am not one for public showers because of germs and nakedness all, but when you when you haven’t had a shower in few days, you come to appreciate little luxuries like being clean. I quickly over-came my fear of being fat and naked in the locker room and all the hidden germies in a less than desirable shower facilities. I work out for an hour (cuz let’s face it, my fat ass needs it anyway, and now, I actually have time to do such a thing instead of being lazy sitting on the couch watching movies on HBO – another luxury homeless people do not have) and then I take a shower, fix my hair, put on my makeup, just like I was getting ready for some event at “home”.

Makeup? Yes, makeup. I refuse to be an ugly homeless person. I have a ton of it that I’m forcing myself to use now that I can’t go out and buy more eye shadows and whatnot I use once or twice and throw in the bucket of cosmetics that would be sitting on my bathroom counter.

They say you should always wake up in the morning and put on your best, regardless of how you feel. It’s the best way to pick yourself up. With the added bonus of being able to work out, I lessen my depression of being broke…and homeless… all the while improving my physical health (let’s hope anyway).

I must say, by the time I’m done being homeless, I better have lost a shit-ton of weight and at least look like a million bucks, whether I have it in my pocket or not!