Rules of Life


My brothers get so upset when I ask questions or eaves drop on a conversation and join in. I have never understood why this embarrasses them.

The thing is, that’s how I learn and how I network. Networking is an important skill to have in order to move forward in this life.

Because of the three simple rules on this meme, I am going after what I want in my life. I am surrounding myself with people who can get me there.

Try it sometime.


Drinking Wine and Getting Paid

As you may know, I’ve spent the last four years of my life driving an 18-wheeler. I recently came off the road to focus on more important things like my health, my love life, and drinking more wine.

Going to drive truck is an excellent way to reduce living expenses because you can live on the truck, therefore you have no rent or utilities to pay. Eating out can really cost you, but I managed to keep my restaurants and groceries under $500 every month (my largest expense). I put all my household items in a storage ($90/mo) and I had a cell phone ($150/mo.) Low maintenance.

I was able to pay off some debt living this way and was just getting where I could start saving money. But man, while the time I had on the road was interesting and at times, a lot of fun, it’ll wear ya plumb smooth out. I got really tired of eating at the same fast food restaurant, dealing with every man in the trucking world hitting on me, having to walk a mile to get a shower, and never being home. trust me, I became very distant with my friends and family and my social life was zero.

I had started a side hustle last year to keep me busy during my home time (four days out of the month). And now I guess I’m kind of doing it full time. I really wish I could get the ball rolling and really get it going. My goal is to recruit two people by October so I can promote.

If you love drinking wine and getting paid for it and maybe you’d like to earn a few hundred extra every month before Christmas, holler at me:

PS, Did I mention you get a pretty cool discount on all the wine whether you’re selling or not!?! Yeah… this is my dream job!

Rumor Has It

imageMy high school geometry teacher taught us about the word “assume.” I can’t remember why she was telling us about this, but I remember her simply writing the word on the chalk board one day and breaking it apart with lines drawn between “ass,” “u,” and “me.” I probably only remembered it because I was shocked that she underlined the word “ass” as she said “Assuming” and then continued to point at the two other letters in the word, “makes an ____ out of you and me.”

As someone who had rumors spread about her left and right all through high school, I never cared, because I knew they weren’t true. People are going to believe what they want to believe, so let them; as long as you know the truth, what does it matter? It never made sense to me why people cared so much about what other people thought of them. They must be drama-whores…

imageGrowing up, my parents wouldn’t let me hang out with certain people because they didn’t want our small, conservative, religious town talking about who they let their kid hang out with. When it came to dating, my parents hated all my boyfriends. Most of them were bad boys, some of them smoked pot, and they rode motorcycles and drove muscle cars. The parents didn’t want me getting the reputation of a girl who got around and did a lot of “bad” things with a bunch of “bad” people. Granted, I may have smoked and drank a little, but it wasn’t anybody’s business but my own. I wasn’t one to get in fights or trouble with the law.

I was a good kid.  I did no harm, but took no shit.

I said things to people’s faces – not their backs. I said things that other people only dreamt about saying. Was I hated for it? Mostly. Was I loved for it? Secretly. If I wanted to know the truth about someone, I just asked them. Better to hear it from the horse’s mouth than heckling hens right? And maybe this offended people, but I didn’t care, I wanted the truth.

People tend to form opinions on what they hear and think they see. They assume. And you know what assuming does. And my high school teacher was right: If you assume something about someone that you heard, you’re making yourself look like an ass. The only way to know for sure is to have a conversation – a confrontation if necessary.

imagePeople spread rumors or talk behind your back because of a couple reasons: 1) they want to seem like they know more than anyone else, making them feel powerful or 2) because they’re jealous and hate to see you happy, thus taking away your power.


Don’t let someone take your power. Don’t give into giving a shit about what other people think. It’s their problem, not yours. Go on and be you. Also, don’t be so quick to assume/judge; mind your own biscuits, and life will be gravy.