Surround Yourself with these 5 Types of People


If you do not surround yourself with inspiring people, you will never be inspired.

If you do not know anyone who is passionate about anything they do, you will never understand the fire.

If you never get to know motivated people, you will not know how to motivate yourself.

Grateful people will teach you the value of life.

Open-minded people will give you the gift of seeing for the first time.


Rules of Life


My brothers get so upset when I ask questions or eaves drop on a conversation and join in. I have never understood why this embarrasses them.

The thing is, that’s how I learn and how I network. Networking is an important skill to have in order to move forward in this life.

Because of the three simple rules on this meme, I am going after what I want in my life. I am surrounding myself with people who can get me there.

Try it sometime.