More to Life

My parents were never the “work hard, play hard” kind of people. I swear all my dad thought you did in this life was work harder and pay your bills. I always thought there was more to life than that. If you’re not having fun, what’s the freaking point?

I’m not saying don’t work and not pay your bills, but every now and again do something that feeds your soul.




Would you Rather…

Here are a few things we’ve all considered if we had the extra money.  I don’t have kiddos so I don’t need a nanny. I like shopping (when I have paid all my bills), so no personal shopper needed. And I’m not messy, so a maid isn’t necessary. Now, i do enjoy cooking, but how nice would it be to ha e a personal chef cooking up healthy meals? Yes. Personal chef is what I’d go with.


What would you prefer?