Misery Still Loves Company


We all know these people– hell, we may be these people. You know, STILL people: The coworker that complains he’s always getting the short end of the stick at work; The relative that can’t seem to ever pay you back because they’re still broke; The friend that won’t leave her asshole boyfriend even though he’s given her a million reasons he’s not worth a shit.

The people that complain about every aspect of their life, yet do nothing to change it.

STILL people.

They are the same people who try to hold you down when you try to better yourself. They’re the ones who say, “Go for it, but I know (insert negative comment) is going to happen,” “you know that ain’t gunna work,” “why in hell would you wanna do that?!”

They’re afraid you’ll progress beyond their insecurities and their knowledge base. They don’t want to be left behind, and they’re sure as hell not going to let you go forward.



I know first hand that misery loves company. I’ve dated those guys who didn’t want me doing something I knew I needed to do; they didn’t want me to do it, not because I couldn’t, but because they knew I would grow with out them. I have family I gladly told to fuck off after digging myself out of ruts they wanted to stay stuck in. People I thought were friends relentlessly teasing me, coworkers constantly throwing me under the bus, bosses taking advantage of me in desperate situations.

I’ve been there.

Done that.

Got the damn t-shirt!




It took me the longest time to realize the reason I was in certain situations was because of STILL people. All this negativity lingering over my head like a swarm of gnats.

Do you know how hard it is to combat those fuckers? You gotta just move out of their way. Let them find someone else’s nose to fly up in. If you stand still and swat at them, they’re just going to keep coming at you. You’ll exhaust yourself trying to knock them all away.

They’re never happy for you because they are never happy with themselves. They get off on exploiting you. They love to wallow in misery. They probably will never recognize their negative/childish/stupid behavior, even if people point it out to them. Because they are STILL.

The next time one of these STILL people come at you, just walk away. Don’t swat- they want you to take the bait. They want you to fail.  They are not adding value to your life.

It’s ok to move on with out them.