An Ode to Being Broke

I must have holes in my pockets

If I had something worth anything

I’d probably hock it

Forget paying rent

I barely make a dent

In paying for this free wifi.


I eat ramen for days

Counting the ways

I can’t afford my job

And which bank I’m not going to rob

Because I don’t want to go to jail

Even if I’d get free healthcare.


My poor car

Is on it’s last leg

Guess I’m hitting the corners to beg

For a penny to put towards

the electric bill this month

Man, this sucks.


Not broke enough to receive financial aid

Too poor to say I’ve got it made

I swear I work to just pay bills

I can’t even afford decent meals

But I guess I’ll survive

I always do

Cuz I got friends

And they’re broke bitches too!