Kicking ass and taking names


I’ve never been a fan of resolutions. But I am goal setter. I like to reach for something that I want to achieve within a certain amount of time and see how close I get to getting there. Like a game.

For the last several years I’ve been a bit been lost. No direction, no ambition, no desire to do anything; basically, I thought I had no purpose in this life for very long time.

I’ve always thought my purpose in life was to share my knowledge – so I became a teacher. Which is super frustrating work but really fun. And really only realized I come off as a know-it-all.

All my life I’ve been a writer— a story teller. “Leslie, you’re a writer. Tell your stories,” is all everyone has told me. My dream has always been to be published. And so I became a journalist. And then a freelancer, with a whole bunch of other shit in between, trying to figure out where I belong. But inevitably, always come back to writing. Boom! Purpose!

So as of late, I’ve been taking online courses and doing a lot of research on writing and marketing books, doing some freelance and dabbling in poetry. I’ve been listening to motivational podcasts and podcasts on writing and being creative. For the last couple weeks, those podcasts have done nothing but talk about New Year’s resolutions/goals for the new year. So I said, “Hey, Broke Bitch, what are you going to do to better your situation this year?” And my answer is to get published and create a passive income all the while I’m still able to truck (because man I love the freedom of trucking!) For all my life I’ve how is kept more than one job at a time— sometimes even three or four— so I think I can juggle trucking and writing in my spare time.

I’m also promoting Thrive. It’s a lifestyle and weight management program that actually works for me. Not only has it helped me lose 10 pounds so far, I eat less on the road and thus save money on crappy truck stop food! Double whammy! So hopefully by this time next year, I’ll be skinny and people will envy me. Ha! If you’d like to check out the product, go here To be honest, I hope others will see my success and want to join me. (And it’s also a way to make a little dough on the side.) This brings me to my next goal of helping people reach their potential and also helps me realize my own potential.

I will also start doing this direct sales thing in wine. I’ll tell you all about it later— but who doesn’t love wine? It’s going to be really fun and I can’t wait to get started doing that on my home time. Call me overly ambitious, but that’s who I’ve always been, and like I said, I lost who I was over the years. Gotta get back in that groove!

This blog has been a real eye opener as well. To see how far I’ve come in the last two years since I started writing it. I’ve been homeless, broke, severely depressed and in the weeds. I finally feel there’s hope. I’ve created a group of people that support me in my health efforts and in my writing venture (plus they are always interested to see what crazy adventure I go on next. Let’s face it, my life is quite interesting to say the least.) I call these people my ass-kickers. I’m very easily distracted, so when they see I haven’t posted anything on Facebook about my writing or lifestyle change, they kick me in the ass and tell me to get my shit together. These people freaking rock! They really keep me on track.

Everything I’ve read about or listened to about resolutions or goal-setting says that it needs to be attainable and have a time limit. I’m terrible with time, as I never know how much I’m going to have in a day or week or month or year— especially in trucking where you don’t have a set schedule and it’s always go, go, go. My schedule is so screwy that I just kind of put it out there and say I’m going to do it this year; I’m going to do something to advance myself in achieving that goal. 

So here we go. Things I’ll be working on this year: Finishing my first book, start and finish a second book, start 3 book and publishing them, continue educating self on writing; working on my finances through webinars, online courses and podcasts, investing; once a month blog posts (so you’ll be hearing a little more from me!); freelance writing; investing in an author web page; create a bigger fan base (which you can help by sharing my blog); losing weight (which I’m not going to give a number so that if I only lose the 10lbs I’ve lost thus far I can still feel accomplished).

Five year plan: Buy a house with land in the country. Find someone to share my life with. Invest so I have passive income. Write more. Create online art classes for kids.

Wow. That seems like so much. But with my new-found sense of enlightenment and energy, I know it’s all attainable. I’m ready to stop surviving and start thriving!!!

What do you plan to achieve in 2016? Share below.  Share in the plight of becoming a not so broke bitch!