Find your motivation, stop the struggle

Any successful person will tell you they achieved success by setting big goals and achieving them through small victories. One of those ways to be successful is to constantly improve yourself. Find your motivation, your inspiration. So in today’s blog, I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve been doing to improve myself.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately on all the things that I want to do: to be a successful writer and blogger and artist; be better at finances; discover and motivate myself — just be better all the way around. And it’s given me inspiration to do something daily that I can do to reach those goals. Every day, I listen to different podcasts while driving. When I shut down for the night (I’m currently a truck driver), I look up web posts and read blogs and tips and tricks mentioned in those podcasts. I try to write a little on my book or write a poem. I sketch in my sketch pad. I get on Pinterest and look for new techniques and pin pictures to a vision board of the things I want in my life. I’m doing something every day in order to reach my goal.

My goal is to be a professional creative. I want to write. I want to make art. I want to make money doing the things I love.  I believe that all these things will help me reach my financial goals of being comfortable in this life and to stop my daily struggle. My goal with this blog is hopefully inspiring you, a fellow survivor, to see that things shouldn’t get you down and keep you down.

I’m sharing some of the podcasts that I listen to, some of the websites that I read daily, so that maybe you can find some inspiration of your own of what I do every day to make myself more successful. Some of these are specific to women, but guys, listen to them too. Some of these are specific to creatives, if you’re not a creative, look for things you are into – there’s so much information out there at the tips of our fingers! I subscribe to a number of pages on Facebook – find your niche and look into groups there and network with Meet Up groups.

Of course, I have many more than this I look into/ listen to, but these are definitely my faves:


Podcasts: Dates and Mates (relationship advice), Absolute Mind (life coaching), Women Wanting More (This one is my absolute must-listen-to. This chick tells it how it is! Explicit language.), Love Life with Matthew Hussey, This Ziglar Show (motivation and Inspiration with Zig Ziglar), The Psychology of Attractiveness (it’s not just about your looks!)

On the Web: Pinterest,


Podcasts: The Dave Ramsey Show (controlling investments and saving money),  Brian Preston’s Money Guy, LexisNexis Labor and Employment Law Community, The Employment Law and HR Podcast, Your Boss Blows: Make Money Online

On the Web: Pinterest,


Podcasts: Problogger Podcast, Smarter Freelancing, Authorcast, Novel Marketing, Self-Publishing Answers, How to Sell Art: The Abundant Artist Podcast, High-Income Business Writing: Freelance Writing, Book Marketing Mentors, The Creative Entrepreneur

On the Web: Pinterest,,