I’m baaaack!!!

So what the hell have I been doing for over a year not writing? Well. I’ve been on an adventure.

Fed up with not being able to find a teaching job (or any job for that matter) in Texas, I shifted gears and became a truck driver. Yeah. You heard me right.

“But Broke Bitch,” you say, “You’ve been a DJ, a newspaper editor and a teacher?!”

Yes, I have been all those things and more, so why not a truck driver?

Being a driver gave me a couple of things: freedom to travel, a roof over my head, and a little jingle in my pocket. The perfect job for someone like me!

There’s always driving jobs so I know if I didn’t like one company, I could always go to another with out problems. Besides, my momma was a bull hauler and I was familiar with the lifestyle.

I got tired of begging people for money and because I wasn’t working, it was hard to find financial assistance (Which seems stupid, but it happened…) I heard a little voice in the back of my head telling me, “go get on a truck.” I’m pretty sure it was my mother haunting me.

The trucking industry isn’t biased at all. They’ll take anyone from any walk of life.  You meet all kinds of people on the road: Lawyers, former military, ex-convicts, Asians, Indians, hippies… Satanists… couldn’t make this stuff up. And they all have their own stories of they got into trucking.

You have to be pretty thrifty out on the road or things can add up quickly. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones that had a microwave and a refrigerator on my truck, so I would find snack items to munch on through the day and eat a good meal when I shut down for the night. A cooler came in handy too.

Truck stops offer free showers with 50+ gallon of diesel so I had that going for me.(Because we all know what a clean freak I am.) Some of them were better than others, but it did the trick when you’re tired and dirty from working a 10-12 hour shift.

Because I didn’t have rent or utilities, I was able to save up some money to come off the road and do some more local driving an spend time with my honey I met at one driving job I had.

So while I’m not where I want to be, I’m getting there. Thanks for all your support, prayers and good vibes! Keep them coming, I’m gunna need them!